Product Placement

Do you represent a brand that can benefit from multi-platform television and social media exposure? Our comprehensive and custom advertising and marketing packages are a step above typical television product placement offerings, integrating disruptive social media campaigns with website ads, partner endorsements, and traditional television exposure. A team of social media entertainment influencers have partnered with us to make your brand go viral. Our product placement campaigns represent a new generation of entertainment advertising.

Both paid and in-kind opportunities are considered.

Health, Beauty & Weight Loss Products


Just Face It is seeking partnerships with beauty, cosmetic, weight-loss, and medical aesthetic product lines and devices.


Would you like your hotel, airline, car or tour service to be featured in one of our episodes?


Can your restaurant, catering service, or beverage product line benefit from exposure and a custom social media marketing campaign?

Clothing and Jewelry

Would you like your clothing or jewelry line or retail storefront to be featured on television or in a digital marketing campaign with viral potential?

Other Products

We will consider partnerships and advertising opportunities with any product that we deem to be on-brand and which we can seamlessly and organically integrate into our show. If you feel that your brand can benefit from a disruptive television and digital marketing package, please feel free to reach out to us using the contact form below.

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